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8 FULL LENGTH VIDEOS. Create 2 professional looking Dutch Pours - even if you're a beginner or have struggled in the past! My POURING HACKS will save you TIME, MONEY & FRUSTRATION!

Pay a one-time only fee of just £4.99

(and get LIFETIME ACCESS) RRP £47!

 Your mini course includes a BONUS Video on VARNISHING your finished work

Option to UPGRADE your order with HUGE SAVINGS!

5 x FREE GIFTS as a "thank you" for signing up including a personal PAINT POURING JOURNAL for you to record notes & experiments.


The RRP for this course will be £47 but for a LIMITED TIME ONLY you can claim a very special INTRODUCTORY OFFER PRICE of JUST £4.99!


From the Studio of:
Monique Oliver
NEWENT, Forest of Dean UK

Hey luvly,

Let's Get Real, Right from the Get Go...

If you're attempting Dutch Pours (a la OG Rinske) the way they were ORIGINALLY done (i.e. JUST paint & water) they're HARD...

Particularly if you're fairly new to pouring.

And BE WARNED: this ISN'T a "paint along with me" where you end up with some "generic" piece of work vaguely resembling what the tutor has done kinda class.  I'm not knocking that genre of tutorial - but it's just not how I roll.

Instead, you'll be given EVERYTHING you need to create YOUR OWN MASTERPIECE in an easy-to-digest format AND I've deliberately aimed this tutorial at complete beginners or anyone struggling with blown out blooms - Dutch Pour stylee.  


However, you'll be encouraged to start developing YOUR OWN VOICE and pouring style IMMEDIATELY...because there really is NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT.

Take a look at some of my students pics across the testimonials on this page.  They all followed my Dutch Pour tutorials, they used the same (or very similar) paints, tools and techniques, but, they only have ONE thing in common?  They're ALL DIFFERENT...and YOURS will be too!


WHY I'm "giving away" this course for such a riduculously LOW price.

First off, these video's and other materials which make up the mini course are taken directly from my FLUID ART MASTERCLASS online course.  It's the largest and I believe, the most comprehensive paint pouring program IN THE WORLD.  Partially funded by the ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND, the full course comprises 70 tutorials and received rave reviews.  While it represents amazing value for money, even at full price, I understand that money is tight for a lot of us right now and so I'm re-purposing some of the content into smaller packages. 


My hope is that we get on so well and you get so much out of these tutorials, that even should you decide not to upgrade right now,  you'll come back for more courses with me in the future.  However, please be aware that the discounts being offered TODAY are a one time only deal.  Once you click on the buttons you'll be given the option to upgrade.  Should you choose not to do so at this time - the offers will disappear...for good.

Anything Else You Should Know?


This is a very LIMITED TIME OFFER.  I can't keep this unique program at this price indefinitely and hope to remain in business!  This is a SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE for the new package and will be taken down in the near future.

That being said, I would be ever so grateful if you'd return the favour?  Times are really tough for creatives right now and I'd really appreciate a positive review of the course once you've had chance to go through all that learning.  If you're 100% happy with it at the price you paid then I'm a happy bunny,  however,  if you're NOT, then please let me know BEFORE leaving a review so I can try and put things right for you!


Seem fair?


Hopefully, everything is pretty self- explanatory.  But...if you have any questions, you can always just drop me an email 


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I can't wait to get your mini course to you!



Monique x


(...if you're like me & wanna skip to the nitty gritty already! :) )


1. You get a 12.5 cm sq. (5") Art Print of your choice printed on high quality glossy paper (select from 6 options)


2. All you have to pay is the small P&P charge (£4.95) to have your art packaged & shipped 


3. Receive your beautiful  Art Print in the mail and enjoy!


4. If you're not happy with what you receive, let me know. I'll refund you the P&P charge and you can keep the print!


The Dutch Pour is a pouring technique created by Dutch artist Rinske Douna in 2016 (hence the name). This Art Technique involves mixing acrylics with water and using a hair dryer to blow out a puddle of different colors. This rapidly became one of the biggest techniques in the fluid art world.

The technique results in cells, lacing and ribbon effects with gorgeous wispy edges and ethereal qualities.

Today, fluid artists have added different mediums into the mix including floetrol and satin enamel paint and some blow out with airbrushes instead of or as well as hairdryers (known as an air swipe).  All these additions produce different effects.  However, in this tutorial we'll be sticking to the original method.

800Dutch Pour_tutorial_mockup_monique_oliver.png

The RRP for this course will be £47 but for a LIMITED TIME ONLY you can claim a very special INTRODUCTORY OFFER PRICE of JUST £4.99!


Your mini course is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and includes  8 full length videos (between ​7-30 mins in length) along with downloadable course material. 


Content includes (amongst others):

  • Top Tips 

  • Safety Equipment

  • Choosing a Hairdryer

  • Selecting Suitable Paints

  • How to mix your Paints to get the Correct Consistency

  • Dutch Pour on a Small Canvas

  • Abstract Dutch Pour with Post Pour Critique

  • Varnishing Small Works

Gift Box

 FREE GIFT: VARNISHING A SMALL POUR TUTORIAL. Even experienced pourers struggle with varnishing & it's easy to ruin a piece! In this 15 min. video I share my easy peasy varnish hack so you'll quickly gain the confidence to finish off your work to perfection!

Gift Box

 FREE GIFT: Your PERSONAL POURING PLANNER  So you can keep track of paints/materials/methods used to facilitate your own pouring journey

Gift Box

FREE GIFT: -Downloadable E-book "Rough Guide to Pouring"

Gift Box

FREE GIFT: Downloadable E-book"Creating a Gallery Wall

Gift Box

FREE GIFT: Access to my PRIVATE FB Group

"Passion for Pouring" for help & support


The RRP for this course will be £47 but for a LIMITED TIME ONLY you can claim a very special INTRODUCTORY OFFER PRICE of JUST £4.99!

fluid_art_course_ student_work_diane1.jpg

Diane S.

  "I'm grinning like a Cheshire Cat lol.  I know I still have a lot to learn and I was so close to giving up and couldn't make up my mind about doing the course, but the improvement in such a short time is amazing and given me the confidence to carry on.  I can't thank Monique enough..."


Yolanda L.

"With great communication throughout the course Monique has an amazing skill to draw one in, knowledge to inspire and she knows how to lead one away from overthinking.  With her expert guidance I was able to push my own boundaries and improve 100%!"


Hazel R.

​"As someone who is not an artist of any sort I am so glad to have joinedI have learned so much about paints from Monique and how to use them to their best.  Brilliant tutoring and honest feedback is so appreciated"

fluid_art_course_ student_work_elizabeth.jpg


"The learning platform is priceless!  It's easy to jump on and watch videos and Monique's tutoring is clear, honest and informative with extra tips & tricks as you go along.  100% recommend this course and Monique  "

*All work shown on the above testimonials is the STUDENT'S own after  following the Dutch Pour tutorial.  Results Vary.

About Monique:

An Award Winning artist based in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire UK. Monique was one of the first artists in the UK (if not the world?) to pioneer paint pouring techniques back in 2016. She has exhibited  widely including shows in private galleries, public buildings and a musuem including exhibitions in New York and Rome.


Monique is as passionate about our planet as she is about her work.  Although the majority of her paintings are semi-abstract they all share organic qualities influenced by the world around her. 

All text & images are subject to copyright & may NOT be reproduced without written permission.  Main Website:

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