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"I would liken it to “ The Little Black Dress”, no serious Bloomer should be without it!"

Muriel Morgan:  Google Review

Master the Mesmerising Bloom Technique Minus the Drama!


No Thanks...but I'll take a

FREE Online Lesson

If you don't want to take advantage of this AMAZING OFFER today you can still access one of my online paint pouring tutorials taken from my FLUID ART MASTERCLASS for FREE!  Just click on the button for immediate access.

(PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a bloom technique tutorial)

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As part of a pre-launch marketing campaign to gather testimonials, "The Missing Manual to the Bloom Technique" is being offered for the special price of just £17. Naturally this offer can’t last long. Grab it now while you still can...Available For A Limited Time Only. Access Instantly Below...

Delve into the world of the fascinating Bloom Technique, originally developed by Australian artist Shelee Carruthers. If you've found yourself intrigued but perplexed by this technique, my guide, "Step-by-Step to the Bloom Technique", is the "Missing Manual" you thought you'd never find!

I understand the challenge: ingredients vary across countries, causing confusion for beginners. But don't worry, I've meticulously compiled a list of products, which work and are available in regions like the UK/EU, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, ensuring you have the right materials at your fingertips without wasting loads of time and money!

We'll take a Deep Dive into my exact process.  You can expect 19 chapters and 116 pages brimming with inspiring, high-resolution imagery and links to instructional videos.  You'll find your skills advancing more rapidly than you ever imagined.

Seriously, this e-book is more than just a list. I walk you through basic colour theory, offer simple and easy to follow instructions on the technique, provide insights into the best paints and pigments, including where to find them and offer advice on finishing your work, pricing and developing your own style. This isn't just information; it's a journey towards mastery.

But that's not all. You'll get exclusive access to my private online community. Here, you can interact with experienced pourers, gain invaluable feedback on your own work, and share your creations in a supportive environment.

And for a limited time, I'm offering this treasure trove of knowledge at an unbeatable price of just £17! But act fast – this launch offer won't last, and the price will soon return to the regular £47. Seize this opportunity to elevate your artistic journey with the Bloom Technique. Grab your package now for just £17 and start transforming your pours today!

Struggling with Blooms? Which Challenges are You Facing Right Now...


 Achieving Intricate Patterns & Details

 Sourcing Materials & Supplies

 Ratio's & Consistencies

 Creating Cells & Lacing

 Colour Choice & Interaction

 Colour Theory

 Developing Your Own Style

 Cost of Materials

 Drying & Cracking Issues

 Getting the Blow Right

 Pricing Your Work

 Inconsistent Results

 Using Mica's & Pigments

 Getting Started!

Here's Some Of The Amazing Content You
Get Today For Just

19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (2).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (5).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (8).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (11).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (14).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (17).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (1).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (3).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (6).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (9).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (12).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (15).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (18).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (4).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (7).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (10).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (13).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (16).jpg
19_monique_oliver_bloom_technique_ebook (19).jpg

Why "Step-by-Step to the Bloom Technique" is perfect for you...

Master a Popular Technique: Learn and master Blooms & enhance your artistic skills.

Fast-Track Your Skills: Accelerate your learning curve significantly, achieving in a short time what would otherwise take much longer through self-teaching or casual online videos.

Expert Guidance: Receive step-by-step instructions from an award-winning fluid artist with qualifications and experience in teaching, ensuring high-quality and easy-to-follow guidance.

Eliminate Learning Barriers: Overcome common obstacles in learning this technique, such as lack of structured guidance or access to an expert.

Resolve Overwhelm and Confusion: Cut through the noise and confusion often associated with self-directed learning, thanks to clear, organised, and professional instructions.

Community and Support:  Join a community of fellow learners  providing peer support, sharing successes, and troubleshooting challenges together.

Exclusive Insights: Gain unique insights and tips from a professional artist who has been actively involved in the paint pouring community since 2016.

Convenience and Accessibility: Learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.

Cost-Effective Learning: Save money on workshops and classes with a comprehensive guide that covers multiple levels of skill in one accessible format.

Satisfaction and Achievement: Experience the satisfaction of creating beautiful, professional-level paint pouring art, enhancing both your skills and your creative portfolio.



Here's How Easy It Is To
Succeed With This Step by Step Guide...


Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Clarity and Precision: Provides clear, precise instructions, making complex processes easy to understand and follow. This methodical approach breaks down the technique into manageable steps, ensuring readers can follow along without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Visual Aids: Accompanied by high resolution detailed photos, these instructions help you visualise each step, making it easier for readers to grasp the technique and replicate the process accurately.


Expert Guidance from a Qualified Tutor:

  • Professional Insights: written by an Award-Winning fluid artist with significant teaching experience, offering professional insights that go beyond basic tutorials. This includes tips on selecting the right materials, mixing paints to the perfect consistency, and troubleshooting common issues.

  • Tailored Advice: The guidance is tailored to address common challenges and questions that beginners might face, providing solutions and expert advice that streamline the learning process and enhance skill acquisition.



Interactive Learning Experience:

  • Engagement and Interaction: includes links to video tutorials and additional resources. This makes it easier for visual and auditory learners to grasp the nuances of each technique.

  • Bonuses: Following feedback from some of my students your e-book now contains additional chapters because the pouring experience doesn't stop when the paint stops flowing! 


Make No Mistake...Blooms are Tricky, Particularly for Beginners, but You’re Just Moments Away From the Missing Link...

It’s true what they’re saying about blooms...

There really is no other paint pouring technique like it! 

But you have to learn to MASTER it

If you’ve already had a play with blooms, then you know what I’m talking


From sourcing ingredients which actually WORK, to the preferred acrylics and pigments (and YES there ARE alternatives to those expensive TLP's!),  to getting all those pesky ratios and consistencies just right.  There's a lot to wrap your head around!

I signed up for Shelee Carruthers original course the moment it launched 4 years ago and was an original Admin. for the UK Facebook group.  At that time I had been pouring for 4 years, having been a pioneer of pouring techniques in the UK.   The struggle to source products which worked in the UK and EU was very real and the experimentation which ensued costly and extremely time-consuming.

The UK Facebook group was shut down by Shelee a few years ago,  shortly after it became apparant that the ingredients we were using in the UK no longer worked after a major supplier changed a formulation.  Along with other "bloomers" I spent another 18 months testing alternative ingredients before settling on the combination I use now.

And Don't Even Get Me Started on Getting to Grips with the actual Technique!

As an experienced veteran pourer it still took me a full 2 weeks of practising every day before I finally produced something I was happy with.

I had begun my own blooming journey and would progress from those first clumsy attempts to deliberate manipulations of the paint and eventually from frustration to a profound sense of accomplishment.

The Bloom Breakthrough...

Today, I am regarded by other fluid artists as one of the top "bloomers" in the UK.  I have won awards and sell my finished pieces in several fine art galleries.  Students fly in from all over the world for personal lessons with me or attend sessions virtually via zoom.  I am regularly asked to demonstrate and teach internationally, but due to health issues am forced to decline.  Blooms have literally changed my artistic journey like no other painting process.  For me, my personal journey underlined the irreplaceable value of learning from someone who doesn't just understand the technique,  but lives it and I want the same for you.


Here's How I Can Help...

Private Lesson Outside Your Budget? 

Due to demand, for the past 2 years I've only offered private lessons with the occasional workshop for private events.  A private lesson with me in my studio is the optimal way to learn but I completely understand the cost for some is prohibitive.  

Choosing an ebook as a learning format over YouTube videos can offer several distinct advantages, especially for complex subjects like the Bloom Technique.


There were a number of reasons I settled on the format of an ebook:

1. Structured Learning Path

  • Ebooks provide a coherent structure, guiding learners through a progressive path from basic to more advanced concepts. This structured approach helps in building a solid foundation before moving on to more complex ideas.

  • YouTube Videos, while valuable, can be fragmented and vary greatly in quality and depth. It might be challenging to find a series that offers a comprehensive and logically sequenced learning experience.

2. Detailed Explanations and Nuance

  • Ebooks often delve deeper into the theory, history, and nuances of a technique, offering detailed explanations and insights that videos might not fully convey due to time constraints.

  • Videos might demonstrate techniques effectively but can sometimes skim over the finer points or the "why" behind certain methods, which can be crucial for a thorough understanding.

3. Convenience and Accessibility

  • Ebooks are highly portable and can be accessed on multiple devices, from e-readers to smartphones, without the need for an internet connection once downloaded. This makes learning possible anywhere, anytime.

  • Videos require a stable internet connection for streaming, which might not be convenient or available in all situations.

4. Pacing and Personalisation

  • Ebooks allow readers to learn at their own pace, easily revisiting sections as needed for reinforcement or skipping ahead if they're already familiar with certain topics.

  • Video content moves at a set pace, which might not match every learner's speed or learning style. Pausing and rewinding can help, but it's not as seamless as flipping through a book.

5. Interactive Elements

  • I've included hyperlinks throughout the e-book to some of my own videos as well as videos of Youtubers who's knowledge is sound.  This makes a more dynamic and engaging learning experience.

6. Focus and Minimised Distractions

  • Reading an ebook tends to demand more focused attention, minimising distractions and promoting deeper engagement with the content.

  • Watching videos on platforms like YouTube can introduce distractions, such as advertisements, recommended videos, and the temptation to browse other content, which might detract from the learning experience.

The Missing Manual?


And now it’s your turn to start on your own blooming journey

"Step-by-Step to the Bloom Technique" is the result of my 9 years pouring experience, (4 of those blooming) and 20+ years of teaching.  It's everything I wish had been included with the original course and is YOUR shortcut to creating stunning blooms far quicker than you can imagine and without all the hassle. 


So I'm Including...
Some Special FREE

Bonus #1


12 pages of "super usefulness" to take notes, record recipes, make your own paint swatches and write your art journal.

For easy reference there's also a consistency gauge for your drip tests, goal-setting sheets and a weekly agenda + MUCH MORE!


Print off individual pages as required if you don't want to print out the entire planner.


Value = £17


Bonus #2



Calculating how to price your work is a complicated subject and one which generally causes much debate in artistic circles.  While I'm always mindful that all my students are approaching this topic from various angles I give you solid fundamentals so you can make an informed decision.

This BONUS video, which you can access immediately upon purchase accompanies Chapter 18 of the e-book and walks you through some real-life pricing examples.

Value = £39.00


Bonus #3


A 15 min. video tutorial to accompany Chapter 15 of your e-book. Lots of my students previously struggled with varnishing particularly around visible brush-strokes and "bald spots".  So,  in this lesson I pull back the curtain on exactly how I finish off the majority of my bloom pours for a professional finish.   


The varnish I use when applied how I demonstrate in this video gives a high sheen finish with a similar look to resin and resaturates all the colours which have a tendancy to dull-down during the curing process. Essential viewing!


Value = £39

Bonus #4



Whenever we take on a NEW challenge, even if it's something we really WANT to do - our minds and bodies will RESIST the change.

This is completely natural.
It's how we're designed to react to the unknown...but if we don't learn to overcome the emotions that can come with that resistance - they can end up ruling us and stop us from GROWING.  This video is for those times when it feels like you're never going to master the technique and want to give up...because you're not in this on your own.

Value = £39.00



Bonus #5


'Step by Step to the Bloom Technique', is like having a veteran "bloomer" at your disposal 24/7!

You'll get instant expert advice on how to get started and how to improve your own pours using the bloom ingredients.

However, you can accelerate your learning experience even faster by sharing your work for constructive feedback and asking for help and support when you need it.  

The Founding Members of my Facebook Group are all highly respected veteran pourers with a ton of pouring experience.  You can be sure the advice you receive when you join will be sound and I drop in regularly to answer questions personally.


Value = Priceless

Don't Miss Out!
Get Everything Today For
Just $97   $17...

Hurry, Special Discount Offer Ends Soon!

Yes...You're Getting 116 Pages of Premium Content Including Heaps of High Res Images Covering Every Step of the Technique & Beyond!

But I Want To Make It A Complete
'No-Brainer' For You...

  • Why Is It Only £17?
    The price for "Step by Step to the Bloom Technique" is normally £37.00... BUT as part of a pre-launch marketing campaign to gather testimonials, I'm giving it away for the special price of just £17 GBP. Naturally I can't afford to advertise it at this price for long, so grab it now while you still can!
  • How Much Does This Cost in My Currency?
    You will always be charged in £GBP and your card statement should have a transaction to "Monique Oliver Art". Your card issuer/bank/Paypal/Stripe will handle the currency conversion for you so you don't have to stress about it. Exchange rates flucuate but if you want an approximation of how much you will be paying in your local currency you can check on the latest currency conversion rates at: PLEASE NOTE: When you pay directly by card from outside of the UK you may get charged a small fee by your bank for the conversion. Please check with your bank for full details as these rates vary.
  • What Exactly Is "Step by Step to the Bloom Technique"?
    On the face of it, it's an Ebook supplied in downloadable PDF format for you to work through at your own pace. However, you're getting way more than just a book; it's like having a personal art workshop with an award-winning artist right at your fingertips. This isn't your typical dry textbook—it's a fun, engaging dive into the Bloom Technique, filled with easy-to-follow guides, awesome visuals, and tons of pro tips to get your pouring up a notch. Plus, you can totally go at your own pace, flipping back when you need a refresh or skipping ahead if you're feeling adventurous. And the cherry on top? You can scribble notes and highlight all the juicy bits you don’t want to forget with the addition of your FREE Pouring Planner. Whether you're just starting out with blooms or already have some experience under your belt, this ebook is your golden ticket to rocking the Bloom Technique.
  • When Do I Get Access To My Purchase?
    Immediately! You get instant access to your learning platform where you will find your E-book and all your bonuses waiting for you.
  • What If I Decide This Isn't For Me? Can I get a Refund?
    At the moment, the price of the package is heavily discounted. You will have immediate access to 116 pages of premium content as well as all the bonus material including video tutorials. Given the nature of this offer there are NO REFUNDS being offered at the present time. However, this is subject to change once the discounted offer ends and the product is being sold at full price.
  • I Don't Live in the UK, is the E-book Still a Good Buy for Me?
    Absolutely! The artist products I recommend in the e-book are generally available from all over the world. The bloom specific products listed are readily sourced within the UK and EU and there are recipes using alternative products which have been used successfully by my students in the USA and Canada as well as Australia and New Zealand.
  • I'm a Complete Pouring Beginner. Who Is "Step by Step to the Bloom Technique" For?
    "Step by Step to the Bloom Technique" is specially designed for people who have some pouring experience but have never attempted the Bloom Technique. Also, for those who are currently doing blooms but aren't achieving the results they want on a consistent basis. The only people who may not benefit from the package are complete pouring newbies. Blooms are the most advanced pouring technique and aren't easy to master. If you have no pouring experience at all I would recommend that you get to grips with some basic techniques first before attempting blooms.
  • How Do I Get Help If There's Issues With My Purchase?
    Your questions concerning the actual technique will be answered via the dedicated private Facebook group. However, any technical or billing questions related to your purchase can be submitted via the form on the contact page. We do our best to respond within 48 hours but please check your SPAM/JUNK folder for a reply before submitting another form.

Meet Your Tutor

(Monique Oliver - The "Fluid Art Coach")


Monique has been a professional artist since 2016 and won an Artrepreneur Prize in 2022 after being shortlisted for the Creates Magazine Prize in 2019.

She loves nothing more than getting her students the results they want as QUICKLY and EASILY as possible, without the tiara throwing temper tantrums and all the fluff! 

After delivering her workshops, classes, demos and courses on both pouring and artist marketing to hundreds of people, Monique has been able to figure out EXACTLY what students need to enable them to fast-track their progress without feeling overwhelmed.

By releasing this ebook, Monique is making available her proven pouring strategies in an accessible format that anyone can use.

Unlock Your Full Pouring Potential Right NOW...

Don’t Miss Out! Grab This Huge Opportunity to Level Up Your Pouring Skills…While You Still Can...


Today's Price...

Grab Your Ebook and Exlusive Bonuses NOW For The CRAZY Price Of Only... £17!

No Thanks...but I'll take a



If you don't want to take advantage of this AMAZING OFFER today you can still access one of my online paint pouring tutorials taken from my FLUID ART MASTERCLASS for FREE!  Just head over to: 


for immediate access.

(PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a bloom technique tutorial).

My comprehensive Fluid Art Masterclass would be perfect for you...


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