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**NOW BOOKING for Apr./May 2024!** 

I get booked up FAST...!
Demand for lessons with me exploded in 2022/23 with my waiting list now regularly around 6-8 weeks.   If you'd like to reserve a space for a session I take a 50% deposit at the time of booking with the balance payable 14 days before the actual date.  The deposit reserves your slot.  Provided you give at least 48 hrs notice we can re-schedule your lesson.  PLEASE do NOT use the payment links below. Drop me an email to discuss availability in the first instance. 
Thanks for your understanding:)


"Why on earth would you pay for private Paint Pouring lessons when you can learn for FREE from Youtube videos?"

You binge watch Youtube pouring videos. You practise the techniques. You're a member of several Facebook pouring groups and you've spent a ton of money on all the paints, equipment and mediums that you need to suceed at this pouring malarky.


So WHY are you still scraping more pours than you keep? WHY don't your pours turn out the same as your favourite Youtubers? WHY can't you seem to master certain techniques and WHY do you STILL feel you're not making  much progress?

Right now, I'm going to let you in on just TWO reasons (there are usually many),  WHY you're not getting the results you want. 


Pretty much every single fluid art technique requires a different consistency of mixed paint with medium.  Unfortunately,  there is  NO "one size fits all" approach to this. Get your consistency wrong for a particular technique and it's "game over" before you've even started. Plus...your consistency has to be consistent for each colour used on the same piece! 

Getting this right is a complete game-changer.  It's tricky for sure and is by far the NUMBER 1 challenge most of my new students struggle with.  Many Youtube creators do their best to describe consistency ("melted honey" seems to come up a lot!)  However, NOTHING can replace a veteran pourer/experienced teacher demonstrating IN PERSON exactly what your consistencies should be and helping you identify what you need to do when your consistencies are out of whack.  I place a huge emphasis on consistency in all of my lessons, particularly with beginners, because it's absolutely FUNDAMENTAL to your pouring success and you can't learn it from Youtube!


We have different products in the UKThe products readily available to us contain completely different ingredients to similarly named products in other countries.  

Take one example for instance:  American Floetrol (or Flood).  It's absolutely NOT the same as Australian Floetrol OR UK Floetrol (Owatrol).  So if you're watching Youtubers based in those countries who use "floetrol" in their pours you are NEVER going to achieve the same results as them.  Equally, I've seen "experienced" UK based Youtubers flying floetrol in from the USA for their pours when they could be achieving the same results with home-grown mediums at a fraction of the cost.  


To really add insult to injury you'll also be WASTING A HEAP OF MONEY  if you're using the UK or EU Owatrol floetrol in all your pours.  You could be using far cheaper and just as effective UK substitutes (and no, that isn't just PVA glue...!)


You also have to consider the annoying fact that manufacturers regularly change product formulations over here, so something which performed well say, 6 months ago - can (and often does) STOP working when you purchase a new container and you'll have NO IDEA what happened!  


UK pourers face a unique set of challenges rarely considered by overseas Youtubers and odds are your favourite Youtubers, are American, Australian or European? 

  • MY STUDENT'S DEMAND THE BEST.  I'm NOT a celebrity Youtuber. I made the decision early on in my career to persue a fine art route and have won awards for my work.   However,  I am considered to be one of the best fluid artists in the UK by other experienced artists. I have students who come to me from all over the UK and some who fly in from overseas just for lessons. I don't believe in false modesty when it comes to teaching.  You can definitely find cheaper paint pouring lessons if you're looking for cheap but if you want the best and it feels a bit out of your budget right now there is the option to pay in instalments...or email me about gift vouchers.  

  • SOME STUDENTS OFTEN COME TO ME AS A LAST RESORT! Most of them discovered paint pouring via Youtube videos or Facebook groups and thought pouring was going to be easy.  They quickly learn that looks can be deceiving.  By the time they approach me they have spent days/weeks binge-watching Youtube having wasted a ton of time and money on products which just don't work for UK pourers.  They are frustrated by their lack of progress, the number of pours they end up scraping and are thouroughly confused and overwhelmed, often mixing up products and techniques and wondering why nothing looks like it does when their favourite Youtuber does it.

  • I HAVE HAD STUDENTS IN TEARS! Not in a bad way.  While it might sound crazy - this is only pouring paint after all...after months of struggle and sometimes on the verge of giving up,  my students often experience some kind of emotional release when in 3 short hours they learn MORE than they have done from weeks/months of Youtube videos and conflicting information from Facebook groups. 

  • MY STUDENTS ARE BLOWN-AWAY WHEN THEY COME FOR A LESSON. Honestly, they're like kids in a sweet-shop! Imagine your favourite art store.  Literally, HUNDREDS of paints to choose from, ALL the tools you've wanted to try and the space to REALLY LET LOOSE!  All the while under the watchful supervision and expert tuition from a veteran pourer with 15+ years teaching experience.  What they create in our sessions together generally far exceeds any work they have ever produced on their own... and I've never had a student leave a session without a HUGE GRIN on their face, feeling excited to see what they're now capable of producing moving forward.  As a teacher, it's immensely satisfying!

  • MORE MONEY-SAVING/TANTRUM PREVENTING POURING HACKS THAN YOU CAN SHAKE A STICK AT! I've been a professional pourer for 9 years and was one of the first artists to pioneer the techniques back in 2016. Generally, students feedback that my  hacks are worth the price of a 1:1 lesson all on their own!  You WON'T find these anywhere else and certainly NOT on Youtube. 

  • MY STUDENTS COME FROM ALL OVER THE COUNTRY...(in several instances they have flown in specially for their lesson/s from overseas) and are at ALL DIFFERENT LEVELS from complete beginners to advanced pourers.

  • MY ONLINE COURSE HAS BEEN DESCRIBED AS "AMSR" SESSIONS (Googly it!:)) Students who have combined in person private lessons with me along with my online course they can access at their own pace, have made the fastest and most spectacular progress.  These are the pourers who have been willing to invest in themselves and put in the work.   Some have gone on to sell work via galleries, start their own Youtube channels, become Facebook group experts and regularly sell their work via shows and fairs. 

  • MY ONLINE PAINT POURING COURSE IS UPDATED REGULARLY with all the latest information to keep you current about which products NO LONGER WORK and SUITABLE UK SUBSTITUTES which won't break the bank!  Once you sign up - you have ACCESS FOR LIFE so you'll never get caught out again!



Get UNLIMITED access to a FREE bonus bundle (worth £99!) as a "thank you" for booking a private lesson & to further your learning outside of your session/s with me. 


  • 15 videos - ranging from "Prepping Your Canvas for a Pour", "Basic Colour Theory" and "Varnishing Your Work"

  • Resource Guide - "Rough Guide to Pouring" - Safety, Supplies, Coverage Charts and LOT's more!

  • Downloadable PDF's - "Personal Paint Pouring Planner" and "Tips & Tricks for Great Pics"













400.00 for 2




£700.00 for 2


My studio space spans 3 light, airy & spacious rooms in an easily accessible community building which has great links to all major access routes!  Check out the video here if you want a virtual studio walkthrough;)

  •  I generally have a 3-6 week waitlist, however, there are times when I can be booked up to 3 months in advance.  If you are flexible with dates and want to get on a waitlist for any last minute places please contact me.  Due to current wait times, I have suspended online bookings.  Please email me so I can advise on earliest availability.  Once a date has been agreed you will be provided with an invoice to pay via bank transfer.

  • A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking (to secure your space) with the balance payable 14 days prior to our session.  There is no charge for re-scheduling provided at least 48 hours notice is given.

  • SPECIAL BONUS: When you book a 6 hour lesson - this can be split into 2x3 hr sessions at no extra cost (a saving of £50!).  This allows you time to assimilate all the information from session 1 and practise at home so we can work through any challenges you faced as part of your 2nd session.

  • While you are waiting for your custom private paint pouring class, you can access your FREE bonus bundle to build a good foundation and ensure you get the most from our session/s together.

  • If you have a gift voucher you wish to redeem towards a lesson, please email me.

  • While nothing replaces an in-person lesson, there is now  over 24 hours of online training available as part of my FLUID ART MASTERCLASS course.

Why BOOK an acrylic pouring lesson with me?

  • I'm an AWARD-WINNING professional paint pourer, developing techniques for the past 9 years. My work is exhibited in fine art galleries, I've shown in Rome & New York, in public buildings and museums and have work in collections all over the world.  I have tested pouring paints and products for several artist brands, including a global supplier and am also a QUALIFIED EDUCATOR with 15+ years experience.  This places me in a unique position, unlike any other fluid artist presently working in the UK.   I have extensive knowledge of paint pouring techniques and a working knowledge of all the latest developments. Crucially, I know HOW to share this knowledge with my students to help them achieve the RESULTS they're looking for as quickly as possible, regardless of their learning style or present ability level.

  • I actively encourage students to find their own voice and develop their unique style as quickly as possible - something which can't be learned from a YouTube video.

  • Many students book repeat lessons with me as their own paint pouring journeys progress, and have awarded me 5* reviews on Facebook and Google and glowing testimonials!

  • I don't run "cookie-cutter", formulaic "paint-along" classes.  I CARE about my students! Every single lesson is unique and tailor-made and ONLY designed after a discussion with YOU. 

  • All classes are held in a dedicated workshop/studio space with ALL safety equipment  and materials are provided. There is also a HUGE amount of supporting documentation via your FREE BUNDLE to help you once your lesson is finished and a private Facebook group for on-going support.

  • There is a TON of conflicting information about acrylic pouring on the internet, which is both overwhelming and confusing, particularly for beginners.  I have spent thousands of pounds and hundreds of studio hours researching products, developing my own and nailing the techniques, to save you TIME, MONEY and FRUSTRATION .  The products I use and recommend WORK, simples. 

  • My private paint pour lessons are proving extremely popular and there is generally a 3-4 week waitlist. However, I sometimes have postponed classes, so if you can attend a class with just a few days notice it may be possible to fit you in quicker! I will contact you within 48 hours of booking so we can arrange a mutually convenient date and time for your class and to allow me to get an overview of exactly what your present skill level is and what you are hoping to achieve during our time together.

  • As well as the testimonials from students at the top of this page you can read about the progress of my students and see some of their "before & after" pics as a result of participating in my online paint pouring course.  You will progress even faster as a private student:)



  1. 1:1 personal art tuition for individuals (or 2 people who are either complete beginners OR at a similar ability level ) in blocks of either 3 hours or 6 hours  Bookings will be arranged at a mutually convenient date and time following payment (I will contact you within 48 hours).  

  2. Demonstrations by me of each of the techniques covered, followed by a fully-supported practical session/s.

  3. Between 3-7 paintings for you to collect/have posted at a later date (depending on class duration selected)

  4. EVERYTHING needed for your lesson, including safety equipment, tools, materials and supporting documentation.  Light refreshments are also included.  All you need to do is turn up in old clothes with a notebook!

  5. An example of a bespoke workshop with me might include:​

  • ALL the basics if you have never poured before

  • tips, tricks and hacks you won't find anywhere else to save you a HEAP of time and money

  • specific techniques e.g Dutch pour, swipe, string pull, dips, ring pours, flip cup, etc.

  • combining techniques for stunning results

  • choosing the right safety equipment

  • sourcing products and substituting readily available UK products for expensive overseas versions

  • best techniques to create and keep cells

  • experimenting with new mediums

  • finding your own unique style

  • trouble-shooting

  • learning a new technique/techniques

  • how to finish off your work appropriately to protect it from dirt and UV light

  • how to display your work etc.

  • advice on selling your finished pours

*If you are buying private tuition as a gift - a physical voucher with full details will be shipped to you OR the gift recipient upon request.

  1. Paint-pouring is MESSY - you will need to wear CLOTHING and FOOTWEAR that you're not bothered about getting paint on - as it DOESN'T wash out😏

  2. It's actually a bit of a myth that you need loads of space to do fluid art.  I started off on a tiny kitchen table and I'll be showing you exactly HOW to pour with very limited space. 

  3. There will be an opportunity to purchase some of the paints and mediums we will be using in the workshop for you to use at home.  I use particular mediums for different effects and some of them aren't easy to get hold of in the UK.  I also buy in bulk and at wholesale prices whenever I can - so I'm happy to pass on some of that discount on to you.  

  4. Unfortunately, due to the nature of fluid art - pieces usually have to left in-situ for at least 7-10 days to dry before they can be moved safely.  You will therefore need to make arrangements to collect/ship any work produced at a later date.

  5. Bring something to take notes - students always take LOTS of notes:)

  6. Due to the nature of the materials and equipment used - OVER 18's only!


Facebook & Google reviews for my paint pour lessons




"Brilliant acrylic pour class. I started a complete beginner and came away with the confidence to create. Monique shares so much knowledge demonstrating her techniques and then gently guiding you through your own process. Would recommend this to anyone interested. From those already painting to complete beginners"




"I wanted to share with you my experiences of Monique's weekend Fluid Painting course---July 20/21st.
Having not really attended any art course for a very long time, I was not sure what to expect or what would be expected of me. I need not have worried. I had the most amazing time and didn't want the course to finish! Monique is a great teacher, so patient, good humoured and professional. I immediately felt at ease and started to enjoy myself. Monique runs small classes (there were three of us on day  1 and 4 on day two). The studio was prepared and all the materials were provided so that we started working quickly. Every aspect and step was explained clearly. The processes were fascinating and each of us produced some really fabulous results. I loved the course, met some lovely people and learnt such a lot.
Can't wait to begin working solo. Hope that Monique is going to run an intermediate course next. I will be first on the list!"



Instagram Review

"Excellent paint pouring course this weekend with Monique. Anyone who finds themselves standing in front of an abstract piece of art and saying 'I can do that', think again. Complex acrylic mixing techniques and trying to control random effects make the artistic intent exhilarating."




"My Husband, John had a great one to one workshop session with Monique Oliver. He got so much out of it, and will be able to put these new skills into practice straight away. Monique Oliver has so much knowledge and experience, so it takes away a lot of the trial and error associated with fluid art."




"I was lucky enough today to have a 1-1 private session with Monique and what an experience it was.. Monique answered all the questions I had about pouring problems I was having and we did some pouring....I can't wait to see what they dry like. I was also able to see Monique's work which I have to say blew me away. I cannot recommend this private tuition enough as I have learned so much... Thank you Monique from the bottom of my heart..xx."



Personal Card

"Monique, thank you for your rock solid teaching - with lots of gems and twinkly bits! Best wishes and happy times with all your endeavours."




"Brilliant art course run by Monique, good demonstrations, we tried each technique out ourselves so we were able to test our knowledge and clarify any questions we had. Would greatly recommend the course!"



Personal Email

"Thank you! [The lesson]...has literally made something come alive in me!"



(Retired Teacher - via Email)

"I'm thrilled that you are such a good teacher.  I'm hyper-critical of teachers because so many I've met

with are often pretty useless when it comes to inspiring and delivering BUT NOT YOU!"

Course Location:

1st Floor

Newent Community Centre

Ross Rd


GL18 1BD

My dedicated paint pour studio is easy to find with plenty of on-site FREE parking and good disabled access.

Making a Weekend of It...

I'm based in a beautiful part of the country on the border with Wales in the Forest of Dean, with good access to motorways and market towns (Ross-on-Wye and Monmouth) and big cities Gloucester and Cheltenham.  The nearest train station to me is Gloucester.

Newent is a small market town with plenty of great places to eat and drink, to suit all budgets. There are PLENTY of places to stay, great walking and cycling and LOTS of tourist attractions. 

If you're planning a trip with your other half and they don't want to attend the workshop - they definitely won't be bored.

Directions to the Studio:

From - M50:

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From GLOUCESTER Direction:

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From ROSS-ON-WYE- A40:

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Virtual Studio Tour

If you'd like to receive details of new training programs as they become available or any LIVE workshop event then please use this form...

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