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The way in which art is bought and sold has changed dramatically in the past decade.  As well as being a successful professional artist, I am a QUALIFED EDUCATOR with 15+ years experience.  However, back in 2016 and already in my 50's, I started my art business with NO formal training, NO contacts and NO body of work (you can read more about that on my ABOUT ME page.) These days I am represented by fine art galleries and exhibit work in public buildings and museums.  I've been long and short-listed for national competitions and feature extensively in the media.  My work regularly sells into private collections all over the world.  I've been responsible for my own marketing since Day 1 and have worked closely with some highly respected coaches.  I'm the Marketing Director for Art Fair Wales and have coached other artists and makers since 2018, helping them to carve out, establish and scale their own art businesses.  The results my students achieve speak for themselves and I'm extremely proud of them!  If you feel you need some support in your own career there are several ways you can work with me...


FREE coaching CLINIC - 1 per person only!

Continuous Dates

Duration: 15-20 Mins

I'm extremely busy and therefore can't take on every client who contacts me.  This session allows me to gain an understanding of WHERE you are NOW and WHAT you are trying to achieve.  From this information I will be able to ascertain whether or not I can help you and if first steps can be implemented quickly.


The clinic also allows time for you to decide if I'm the right coach to work with, WHAT you need support with or WHICH direction you should be going in ?  If you've never worked with me before this IS the session for you...

Please email me to arrange a date and time for a chat.



Continuous Dates

A 1:1 Marketing Strategy Session for YOUR Business

Duration: 1 Hour

These sessions are hugely beneficial for the following if you:

  1. Have never sold any of your work before but want to

  2. Are planning a new direction for your art business but aren't sure where to start

  3. Want to "break in" to the fine art world via Gallery Representation etc.

  4. Lack confidence in your art/your business 

  5. Need a clear Action Plan to move things forward

  6. Want to map out an overrall marketing strategy for a period of time

  7. Need some general support & guidance around starting/running your own art business

Please email me for a no obligation quote.

12 week personal coaching program: 

Duration: Continuous throughout the year - but very limited spaces

In the first instance please book a FREE 20 MIN. COACHING CLINIC so I can advise on availability and we can both decide if this is the right step for you.

Please email me to arrange a date and time for a chat.

LIVE Marketing Workshops Coming to the SECRET GALLERY in 2020:

Contact HANNAH at: or 07724 124876

online art marketing COURSE:

ArtEtypes - "PASSION TO PROFITS”  - Modular Self-Study Program

Continuous Dates

More Details


"SELLING YOUR WORK”  - for Artists & Makers

3rd March. SECRET GALLERY, NEWENT – UK - 7-9pm COST: £20/15

SOME of the topics covered during the evening will include:-

1. The ONE simple thing you can do which will transform the way you speak about your work

2. Social Media – do you need it and if you do WHICH platform is right for YOU?

3. The Rule of 1/3rd’s – How just 3 different product offerings can turbo-charge your sales

4. The 3 things you need to GROW your audience and turn them into RAVING FANS

Contact Hannah Ferguson at the Secret Gallery  or email me for more details.

Limited Spaces and Booking Essential!

"the business of art”  - for Artists & Makers

7th March. SECRET GALLERY, NEWENT – UK - 11.30 - 4.30  COST: £85/80

You THINK you could sell your work - but haven't a clue how to go about it? Time to tackle the "overwhelm"...


AM SESSION: Covering the BASICS including the PITFALLS to avoid!

PM SESSION: How to PRICE your work (HINT: it ISN'T how you'd think!)

"MARKETING STRATEGY”  - for Artists & Makers

(Cancelled due to covid-19)

4th April. SECRET GALLERY, NEWENT – UK - 11.30 - 4.30  COST: £85/80

The new financial year is looming. If you're SERIOUS about making/increasing SALES you need  a PLAN... because HOPE is NOT a Marketing Strategy!


AM SESSION: Identifying your BIG PICTURE 


"growing your audience”  - for Artists & Makers

3rd Oct. SECRET GALLERY, NEWENT – UK - 11.30 - 4.30  COST: £85/80


"Make a sale and you’ll make a living. 

Build relationships and you can make a fortune"


Everything you need to know about identifying  and fostering relationships with your ideal clients.

AM SESSION: Who, Where, What, Why & How

PM SESSION: Providing VALUE to gain followers AND subscribers and turn them into RAVING FANS!

**Additional events will be added throughout the year - please check back or sign up for alerts.

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