Fine Art Prints


Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.  My fine art prints are available on either archival quality TITANIUM LUSTRE PAPER (which adds a beautiful depth and sheen to the colours of finished prints) or on STRETCHED CANVAS (which can be varnished).  While I generally have some smaller prints (framed and unframed) in stock (10" x 10") - ANY of my original paintings are available to order as prints.

However, an exciting development to this service is the addition of...

Macro Capture Fine Art Prints

Here’s how it works:

A small section of an original painting is zoomed in on and photographed in high-resolution to produce a detailed digital file.  This is the MACRO CAPTURE.


Photographing in this manner enables the observer to appreciate the finer details of a piece which can often be overlooked when viewing the full-size painting with the naked eye.  The resulting macro capture can then be reproduced (on fine art paper, poster paper or stretched canvas) to any requested custom size, restricted only by the size of the original photograph taken (some SOLD original paintings were photographed in lower resolutions) and budget - however, even supersized prints will be a fraction of the cost of an original work of this size.  The results are STUNNING!

While the process allows for printing up to LARGE poster sizes, resulting in a completely CUSTOMISED ARTWORK, you need to keep in mind that some macro-captures may not look right if they are "stretched" out of their original shapes.  However, I can advise on this AND you would receive a “mock-up” of your selected image in the first instance (similar to the photograph at the top of this page) to help you visualise how the final piece will look.  I also have the facility for you to photograph your wall space/room and super-impose the proposed work onto it – so you can even see how it would look in situ in YOUR room!

So…if you’ve spotted something in one of my paintings and are interested in how it might look SUPERSIZED – please get in touch and let’s COLLABORATE!

A  SUPERSIZED Macro Capture Example:

More Macro Captures to Inspire You!