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if you decide to stay a FAM Member**until you cancel your payments or the  membership program ends. OFFER EXPIRES 17TH MAY 2020

What's waiting for you inside FLUID ART MASTERCLASS - SOUND ON!
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Are You Ready to:
LEVEL UP your pouring from the very 1st lesson?
TRANSFORM into a CELL-creating  LEGEND?
FIX what's lacking in your work?
HUSH UP your inner ART CRITIC for good?
FINALLY get the RESULTS you've been waiting for?
JOIN a SAFE, SUPPORTIVE group of fellow addicts?
PUT your burning questions to a PROFESSIONAL?
PULL on your BIG PANTS & WORK on your skills?
Have MORE FUN than you can shake a stick at?


  • ALL the UNLOCKED material currently loaded onto the learning platform including tutorial videos, bonus videos & e-books - for a full run down of these check out the first video at the top of this page "INSIDE THE COURSE" 

  • 3  NEW TUTORIAL VIDEO LESSONS EVERY MONTH (30 mins each)  delivered on Fridays.

  • LIVE Monthly GROUP COACHING sessions with me via Zoom where we'll take a DEEP DIVE into your personal POURING CHALLENGES - with REPLAYS available to all members​ (in case you can't make it!)

  • BONUS VIDEO's on related topics - e.g VARNISHING, TROUBLESHOOTING and TAKING GOOD QUALITY PHOTOS of your finished pieces.

  • E-BOOKS and PDF's - for you to DOWNLOAD and KEEP

  • Your personal LEARNING PLATFORM with everything clearly laid out in a month-by-month format, which you can access from anywhere (with an internet connection) in your own time - there are already 10 videos and 2 E-books uploaded and available - with another 3 due to be unlocked soon before the next round of content in June.

  • PRIVATE Facebook Community - strictly for PAID MEMBERS.

  • A personal PAYMENT MANAGEMENT PORTAL, where you can check monthly payments, download invoices and even cancel your membership quickly and easily yourself (although why would you want to?)!

  • Access to DISCOUNTED LIVE 1:1  online COACHING SESSIONS to TURBO-CHARGE your learning.

  • MONTHLY implementation week for CHALLENGES, to catch up on content and finish your paintings.

  • An INTERACTIVE PROGRAM.  Members can make requests for VIDEOS on topics they need help/support with.

Friends with Benefits...what Monthly Membership gets you...

To your PERSONAL LEARNING ACCOUNT on ANY device with an internet connection - ANYWHERE/ANYTIME
At ANY time without penalty (but you will lose access to the learning platform and the FB group)
ACCESS ALL AREAS...Payment Management Portal/Learning Platform/Dedicated FB Group
as soon as you SIGN-UP!
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  1. SIGNING UP and CANCELLING your membership are EASY to do - from your own PAYMENT MANAGEMENT portal.  If you want to know more about the process click HERE

  2. You are AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED to the LEARNING PLATFORM once your payment is processed.  All you have to do is CREATE A PASSWORD to complete registration and get access to all the content.  You can watch a video walk-through HERE

All this...and more...NEW content added EVERY month!

NEW Paint Pouring Lessons & extra content  EVERY month including a SIGNATURE TECHNIQUE I've never shared before ANYWHERE!


Once a month LIVE group Q & A sessions with Monique via Zoom  with recorded replays if you can't make it.


Useful & constructive feedback from Monique & other members


Monthly implementation challenges so you can practise what you've learned and improve your technique


Occasional SPECIAL GUEST tutorial videos from specially invited Fluid Artists;)!


Resources & presentations on related subjects like photographing your work, troubleshooting, mediums etc.


Of like-minded, supportive pourers at various levels.


To in-person 1:1 lessons, ONLINE 1:1 coaching & other courses


We'll get rid of  those pesky bugs! Members pouring frustrations, shared, discussed & solved!


Affordable MONTHLY payments with your own PAYMENT PORTAL so you can CANCEL your payments at any time.


Facebook & Google reviews for my LIVE paint pour lessons

Carol K.


"It’s a pleasure to have met you and I’m thrilled that you are such a good teacher.

I’m hyper critical of “teachers” as so many I have met with are often pretty useless when it comes to inspiring and delivering.


Nicola H.


"Brilliant acrylic pour class. I started a complete beginner and came away with the confidence to create. Monique shares so much knowledge demonstrating her techniques and then gently guiding you through your own process. Would recommend this to anyone interested. From those already painting to complete beginners"

Ann B.


""My husband John, had a great one to one workshop session with Monique Oliver. He got so much out of it, and will be able to put these new skills into practice straight away. Monique Oliver has so much knowledge and experience, so it takes away a lot of the trial and error associated with fluid art.""

Judy H.

Via Email

"Thank you...[the lesson] has literally made something come alive in me"



What's the investment? At the moment £37 every month you wish to remain a member IF you sign up before 17th May.  

Do you offer a free trial? Currently you can access the program for  a 7 day FREE TRIAL - but you need to CANCEL your subscription within those 7 days if you don't want to continue your membership and want to avoid a month's fees.  After your first payment you can then cancel at anytime.

How do I sign-up? It's easy...just click on ANY of the FREE TRIAL links on this page.  You will be taken to a secure portal to process your payments via Debit or Credit card.  If you want to see the entire payment process you can watch a video explainer here

What happens after I've signed up? You will be AUTOMATICALLY enrolled onto the program AND the learning platform BUT you will need to create a password.  You'll get 3 or 4 emails (to comply with GDPR regs). The IMPORTANT one has the subject header "JUST ONE MORE STEP" - click on the button contained in this email and COMPLETE REGISTRATION. The process is simple but if you're not sure there is a video walk-through here

How long do I have to commit?  You can cancel at anytime DURING YOUR FREE TRIAL.  Once that expires you can cancel without penalty after your first payment but you will lose access to the FB group and the learning platform.

When am I billed? You’re billed each month on the date you subscribed, until you cancel your subscription or the membership closes. You need to cancel BEFORE your next billing date to avoid another month's charges if you wish to terminate membership before the program expires.

Do I have to keep signing up every 6 months? NO. Once you sign up, your subscription will continue until you cancel or membership closes.  If I decide to keep the program going over the winter you will not need to sign up again - your subscription will remain active automatically.

How do I cancel? You can cancel your monthly membership at any time, via your own payment management area. 

What happens if I cancel?  You will lose access to everything on the learning platform and will be unable to login and your access to the Facebook group will also cease.

Can I sign back up if I cancel?  Yes you can.  However,  if you cancel you will pay whatever the monthly rate is for new memberships at the time you re-subscribe.

Will the price go up?  The monthly price will stay the same for YOU all the time you remain a member and may only increase if you cancel and re-subscribe.



How long does the program last for? I'm usually very busy with shows & exhibitions between  April-Oct. every year.  However, given the present lock-down situation, this year is different and for the first time I've had the opportunity to get an online course program launched.  It will run for at least 6 months and possibly for much longer than that depending on the level of interest and my other professional commitments.  Once membership closes you will still have access to ALL the uploaded content and the Facebook group for at least another month (free of charge) and you will have plenty of notice, however there will be NO new content or live coaching sessions once closure is announced.

Will I be able to get hold of the products used on the program easily? All the products I use are readily available from within the UK  and online via Amazon within the UK and EU.  Wherever possible I will provide you with links.  Outside of the EU, many of the brands can be purchased globally, however, you may NOT be able to get the exact product I am using.  That being said if you are located in either USA or Canada - you will definitely be able to source a compatible product - probably much cheaper then we can in the UK? 

Can't I just learn from free Youtube videos? Youtube has it's place for sure but if you're at beginner or intermediate level - it's like the "wild west".  There is a TON of conflicting, confusing and just plain WRONG information on there and it won't take long for you to be suffering overwhelm and frustration. Factor in a heap of wasted time and money on techniques which just don't work or produce disappointing results and before you know it you'll be convinced you'll never be able to get the hang of it.  I've been pouring professionally for 5 years, my large scale pieces sell for a lot of  money and I've been a qualified educator for over 15+ years.  All of that puts me in a unique position.  Membership is going to allow you access to 3 NEW step-by-step video demonstrations EVERY month, BONUS videos, a heap of additional learning materials AND access to me during the LIVE coaching and within the Facebook group.  There will be NO fails, because every time you pour a piece you're not happy with, you'll get an opportunity to discuss with me and your peers exactly WHY it went wrong and what you need to to do in order to prevent the same thing happening again. Provided you fully participate in everything I'm making available to you -  you'll  learn quicker than you ever thought possible! 

I've never done any paint pouring before, is membership suitable for me? YES! Complete beginners up to intermediate level are catered for in the program.

How does membership of the online program compare to private pouring lessons with you? Although I've had 2 students fly in from other countries to attend classes with me, I appreciate that geographically for some of you that isn't possible - and certainly not at the moment given the present global crisis.  My personal lessons have a waiting list of around 6-8 weeks at any given time and will be increasing in price to £350 for a 6 hr session once we are back to normal.  My intention is to offer 1:1 personal ONLINE sessions in the near future but in the meantime the membership program is absolutely the next best thing.  I believe in offering exceptional value for money to my community and this program will be no exception.


How long are the videos?  They will vary but approximately 30 minutes each for the 3 main tutorial videos a month and between 15-30 mins. for bonus videos.

What are the videos about? Every video highlights an aspect of a specific technique and will demo that technique.  There are also BONUS videos intended to expand your knowledge and paint pouring skills.

Can I make special requests for videos?  Absolutely! This is a community and I want to hear from you. However, the videos are filmed in advance, so it may  a while to honour requests.

How often are videos published?  3 times a month on Fridays.  The weeks when a video isn't published is your opportunity to implement your learning and the group challenges (should you choose to do these - but I hope you will!) The last week of the month is also LIVE coaching call time.

What about the quality of the videos?  The videos are filmed in either natural daylight or under professional lighting with a high resolution HD camera and a professional mic for best sound quality. They are then edited with software to refine. Wherever possible I will also be filming some videos directly overhead.


What happens after I subscribe?  You will AUTOMATICALLY be enrolled onto the program.  You will receive an exclusive link to the learning platform where you will create a password and complete registration WITH THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS you used to pay for your membership.  You will then have instant access to all the videos and other any learning material available at that time in your members account.  I will send you an email confirming your subscription AND with details of how to access your account, in case you are experiencing any difficulties.   If you want more info on this you can watch the videos here

The same email will also contain a link to the Facebook Group. You’ll be added once you request to join and your subscription is confirmed.  Any registration or login issues can be raised directly with me and my team here. 

Are the videos downloadable?  No. This is a subscription, similar to Netflix, so you are not purchasing the videos for download.  However, you CAN download the e-books and other printable material which are yours to keep.

How long will I have access to the videos? As long as you’re a member of  FLUID ART MASTERCLASS you’ll have access to ALL the videos. and ALL the learning materials via ANY internet-connected device at anytime and anywhere. 

Can I share the videos with friends? No. Only paid members have access to the content.


To get the full benefits of membership you really need to be in the private Facebook group. You can comment or ask questions directly under each post, share your work and ask for feedback, watch the live coaching replays from there (which will also be uploaded to your learning platform) and join in the challenges. 

Feedback and Critiques  in the group:  This is a private online community that only the members can see so you can upload images of your own paintings to share with your peers without concern that the public can view them.

The LIVE Q&A: can be accessed online via Zoom, are streamed into the Facebook group wherever possible and the replays will be available on  your learning platform.

©All images and Text Copyright Monique Oliver 2020

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