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"...I can honestly say this course has made my year and changed my life – it is the one positive to come out of 2020. Everything I have learnt about acrylic pouring started with these videos and the knowledge I have taken away with me, will be forever. I cannot express enough, how happy I am that I completed this course and would not hesitate to do any of your courses again in the future. You really have been the best teacher/mentor."

Elizabeth G.




and if you're thinking of doing a different course ASK the trainer for some of their students'


Are You Ready to:
LEARN the SECRETS of  consistently SUCCESSFUL paint pouring  from a SKILLED PROFESSIONAL, committed to helping you become the BEST fluid artist you can POSSIBLY  be,  who will take you from BEGINNER to intermediate FAST with MINIMAL fails, without the CONFUSION and OVERWHELM that results from disappearing down the RABBIT-HOLE of binge-watching YouTube tutorials and WITHOUT spending a small fortune on supplies and materials which don't work or bring you less than STELLAR RESULTS? All while getting you a TON of  Facebook Groupie LURRVE!

Do You Think You're Coming Down with Something..?

Ninja swipes, Dutch pours, Flip Cups, String pulls, Balloon kisses, Hammer smashes, Ring pours, ​Bloom technique, Swipes, Reverse Dips and Ribbon pours...the list is EXHAUSTING!


You're not sure what half of them are and are having to consult the oracles of Google or Youtube the moment you close down the Facebook groups for the night - and these are just the techniques...

You then have to contend with - PVA, Pouring Mediums, Floetrol (IS it the same as Owatrol), Flow Aid, Retarder, Latex Extenders, Paint Conditioners, Bindex, GAC 800, String Gel, Silicone Oil, Dimethicone and maybe even KY Jelly?!

And what about the ACTUAL paints - Opaque, Transparents, Semi-transparent, Fluorescent, Metallics, Pearlescent, Colorshift, Iridescents, Chameleon, Mica's, Acrylic Inks, Enamels and possibly bog standard household emulsion?

But did you forget the BRANDS - Golden, Liquitex, Amsterdam, Arteza, DecoArt, X2, Windsor & Newton, Daler Rowney, Royal & Langnickel, Neo Acryl, Pebeo, Matisse  and Jo Sonja...

Now I'm no doctor but frankly I suspect a severe  case  of PMT - Paint and Medium Trauma - symptoms include but are not limited to:

  1.  Hand- trembling as you prepare to click  BUY NOW  for a product you're not 100% sure will work?

  2. Mild panic attacks whenever you see a LOW STOCK alert on your favourite items

  3. A pre-disposition to LURK in numerous Facebook pouring groups

  4. Racing to the door whenever you hear a parcel drop so the rest of the household isn't witness to EXACTLY how much your habit is costing

  5. A slow - but steadily building resentment that a lot of Youtubers are getting spectacular results with products NOT CURRENTLY  AVAILABLE in the UK or EU, which can only be imported at eye-watering expense and that might involve you selling your granny?

  6. Hiding 3/4 full containers of various paints and mediums at the back of shelves, because you don't use them and you can't stand them staring at you accusingly anymore

  7. NEVER chucking those 3/4 full containers of various paints and mediums hidden at the back of shelves, even when they're well past their sell-by date because you MIGHT need them and because YOU know what they cost

  8. Eyeing up the present lay-out of every room in the house to see if you can make any more space to dry stuff

  9. Binge-watching Youtube at all hours of the day and night

  10. Feeling slightly nauseous whenever you have to check your bank balance

  11. Sleepless nights spent obsessing over where your latest pour went "wrong"

  12. Passing off junk "ready meals" as  "healthy nutritional food" because you really NEED to have back at it ASAP


Isn't it TIME you Consulted a SPECIALIST..?



​If you're a complete beginner or someone who's had less than a year of regular pouring experience, disappearing down the rabbit-hole of YouTube will leave you FRUSTRATED, CONFUSED, OVERWHELMED and OUT-OF-POCKET very quickly!  You'll start off believing that pouring is a walk in the park, realise FAST that even the basics are not as easy as they look, BUY a ton of products you don't really need and end up DISAPPOINTED at your own slow progress. 


You'll go back to Youtube again & again & again - because you truly believe that if you JUST had "such & such a product"  or the right combination of products that "so & so" is raving about - EVERYTHING will fall into place.

We're ALL spending a TON on paints, mediums and materials.  I held 2 polls in my FREE TO JOIN Facebook group recently.  The most popular category for an average spend on pouring products per month was between £30-£70 (the 2nd largest - by a narrow margin) was a whopping £100+ ....EVERY MONTH!


In the 2nd poll - I asked "how many products remained unopened or hardly used after 6 months".  Most respondents said they had between 20-30 UNOPENED products with the next largest group at the 50+ mark. The reason most given for this phenomenon is that in a Youtube frenzy, people are hitting the BUY NOW button and by the time the products arrive they've forgotten how to use them and are already onto the next thing...and the cycle continues...


 However, these large spends and unused products are NO SURPRISE because...

YouTube is NOT a source of FREE training videos...but a GREAT source of PRODUCT INFOMMERCIALS...

Some of us - myself included - are probably old enough to remember these.  Lengthy TV adverts expounding the virtues of various products & their uses - some of which would go on for 10-15 minutes. 


Is this sounding FAMILIAR at all?  If not, it SHOULD because while we see very few of these style ads on TV anymore it isn't because they no longer exist -  it's because these days they're called YOUTUBE VIDEOS and we're LAPPING THEM UP!


Most people who venture into the minefield of Youtube territory are under the mistaken impression that the video creators are generously providing their knowledge for free...whereas in reality, the vast majority of them are not.  These videos are not created with the main intention of helping you become a better pourer - but rather with the intention of SELLING MORE OF THE PRODUCT USED IN THE VIDEO .

Popular Youtubers can "monetise" their channels and videos in a number of different ways:

  1. Receiving FREE products from well-known brands in exchange for a positive review

  2. Receiving MONEY from brands in exchange for a "how-to" educational style video which is actually designed to showcase a particular product

  3. Being "sponsored" by a particular brand to keep a product "front and centre" in a lot of the creators content

  4. Commissions from product sales via affiliate links - promoted during the video

  5. Commissions from advertisers who show ads before and during the video

  6. Directly asking for contributions/donations from viewers and subscribers

Now don't get me wrong - I'm not knocking this - it's an alternative and often lucrative business model (some of my own e-books contain affiliate links) and NOT all Youtubers do this.  However,  in a category like paint pouring, whose popularity has exploded in the last few years, there are a large proportion of Youtubers who use their channels to primarily generate revenue from affiliate sales and advertising 


We all have to make a living but YOU need to be aware of what you're really watching because more often than not it isn't an unbiased video that someone has uploaded to Youtube out of the goodness of their heart... 

Adding to our woes is the fact that all the American/Canadian/Australian pourers are NOT using the same products available to us in the UK and EU.  As an example - when they say they've used "FLOETROL"  in their pour - this is NOT THE SAME PRODUCT AS THE FLOETROL BRAND  we can buy in the UK and EU - the ingredients are totally different - I know because I spent months researching this as part of a major product for a GLOBAL brand! Is it any wonder that we often can't achieve their results despite following their instructions to the letter!


Given all of this information do you  still  REALLY  believe you will get IMPARTIAL UNBIASED and completely SOUND advice from a Youtube "tutorial"  especially if you're a UK or EU pourer?  So...what's the ANSWER...



Look, while I'm NOT providing a free program - YOU are paying me directly.  In effect I am working for YOU!

My SOLE MISSION is to help you become the BEST POURER YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE in THE FASTEST POSSIBLE TIME..because if YOU have a great time LEARNING, feel  SUPPORTED  and get fantastic VALUE FOR MONEY and TELL OTHERS then FAM gets more members...and everyone wins!

My fluid art tutorials are filmed as a DIRECT RESPONSE to their needs usually no more than 10 days in advance which means I can give them PREMIUM support around the issues they find most challenging.  There are sometimes TEARS, TEMPER TANTRUMS and TIARA THROWING (and that's just me!) ...but we are a FAMILY of people who have come together through a mutual love of paint pouring.  I UNDERSTAND their frustrations as beginners who want to improve as quickly as possible, without spending a fortune on paint materials and equipment which won't work for them. THEY understand that I expect them to pick themselves up and TRY again when things don't always go as planned...because that's my job! I genuinely CARE about their progress and every week I watch them grow a little more...

So EXPECT ME to tell you the TRUTH..


  1. No amount of paint, products or mediums can save you if you haven't got your techniques NAILED...it's that simple.

  2. The people in your regular Facebook groups WON'T tell you what you need to do so you can see improvement in your pours...FAST

  3. I have NO HIDDEN AGENDA - it's in my BEST INTEREST to ensure you have FUN whilst LEARNING AS MUCH AS YOU CAN  so you can EXPERIENCE CONSISTENT SUCCESS - because YOUR success is MY success

  4. You don't need to spend a fortune on a truck-load of expensive products when you first get started IF you know EXACTLY:

    • WHAT each product IS

    • HOW it WORKS

    • WHERE  and HOW to use it for the best results

    • HOW it reacts with other paints & mediums

    • WHAT issues (if any) you can expect 

    • The best ways to COMBINE it with other products to produce SPECTACULAR results

    • WHEN another product would serve you BETTER!

    • WHICH products to AVOID

  5. Honestly...how much TIME and MONEY have you already spent trying to get good at this - when for less than £1.60 per DAY I can show you there IS a better way! Isn't it time you INVESTED in YOURSELF?


FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS...what Monthly FAM Membership gets you...

  • ALL the material currently available including tutorial videos, bonus videos & e-books. Currently there are 25 TUTORIAL VIDEOS, 2 E-books AND your PERSONAL POURING PLANNER waiting for you.

  • Once a month LIVE COACHING CALL - with Monique & other FAM members. EVERYONE gets loads out of these - you will have access to the LAST MONTH's coaching call replay at the time you join.

  • PERSONAL FEEDBACK from Monique on up to 2 of your pours per month - ALL my present members tell me that this aspect of the FAM has been an absolute GAME-CHANGER for them.  My feedback removes all the guesswork  and allows them to focus on EXACTLY what they need to work on to improve their acrylic pouring!

  • FRESH NEW TUTORIAL VIDEO LESSONS EVERY WEEK (3 times a month) on different techniques, using DIFFERENT PAINTS, MEDIUMS and TOOLS (30 mins each)  delivered on Fridays.

  • BONUS VIDEO's on related topics - e.g VARNISHING, TROUBLESHOOTING and TAKING GOOD QUALITY PHOTOS of your finished pieces.

  • SPECIAL GUEST VIDEO TUTORIALS: every few months from other fluid artists EXCLUSIVE to FAM

  • A dedicated LEARNING PLATFORM.  Imagine it! No more fast-forwarding through countless Youtube videos or endless scrolling through Facebook comments. Just ALL the content you need, CLEARLY LAID OUT & available on ANY DEVICE with an internet connection at ANY time;) Blissful!

  • UNBIASED PRODUCT REVIEWS - I spend the money so YOU don't have to keep forking out for stuff which doesn't work!

  • TIPS, TRICKS, HACKS & INSIDER SECRETS  to save you TIME & MONEY you won't find ANYWHERE else!

  • TROUBLESHOOTING YOUR WORK during LIVE Monthly GROUP COACHING sessions with me via Zoom.   We'll take a DEEP DIVE into your personal POURING CHALLENGES - with REPLAYS available to all members​ (in case you can't make it!)

  • MEMBER TUTORIAL REQUESTS:  This program is INTERACTIVE - YOU get a say in what you want to see

  • E-BOOKS and PDF's - for you to DOWNLOAD and KEEP

  • Access to DISCOUNTED LIVE 1:1  online COACHING SESSIONS to TURBO-CHARGE your learning.

  • Your personal LEARNING PLATFORM with everything clearly laid out in a month-by-month format, which you can access from anywhere (with an internet connection) in your own time -

  • PRIVATE Facebook Community - strictly for PAID MEMBERS.

  • A personal PAYMENT MANAGEMENT PORTAL, where you can check monthly payments, download invoices and even CANCEL your membership quickly and easily yourself (although why would you want to?) at ANY TIME

  • MONTHLY implementation week for CHALLENGES, to catch up on content and finish your paintings.

  • SELF-PACED - join the FAM at ANY time. We start on a NEW TECHNIQUE and CHALLENGE every month so focus on the lessons for the current month first - and then watch the "older" videos when you have time.

  • A SOLID FOUNDATION in paint-pouring - partially funded by the ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND. To my knowledge I am presently the only UK fluid artist to have received a grant towards an online paint pouring course?

So what's the INVESTMENT!


 Like most things in life - there's an EASY way or a hard way. 


It's taken me 5 years of trials, experiments, wasted products, frustration and overcoming challenges to know as much about paint pouring as I do...and for the first 3 years of my adventure I poured at least once EVERY SINGLE DAY...7 days a week.  That's nearly 1100 pours!

  • How LONG would it take you to do that - particularly when you factor in the time searching for information

  • HOW MUCH MONEY would you spend to do it?  


You could go down the same route I did and it will cost you a LOAD of time and a TON of MONEY.  You will get frustrated with yourself when the products you're using don't give you the results you want and you'll sift through TRUCK-LOADS of often INCORRECT information to get answers to your questions.


Honestly, WHY would you that when I'm offering you a way to:

  • get reliable, UNBIASED and ACCURATE information, without wading through a PILE of FACEBOOK COMMENTS or spending HOURS on research  


  • DRASTICALLY REDUCE your monthly spend on products which don't GIVE YOU THE RESULTS YOU WANT

  • Entice those other Facebook group members to STOP SCROLLING & START COMMENTING 

  • Gain ANSWERS to your burning pouring questions QUICKLY & EASILY

  • kick the collection of WASTED PRODUCTS into touch once and for all! 


If your average spend on pouring materials is between £70-£100 per month (or edging towards it) - I'm going to be saving you at least £30 a month!!! 

For as long as you remain a member you will get:

  • NEW CONTENT uploaded on a WEEKLY BASIS (3 times a month)

  • DIRECT ACCESS TO ME whenever you have questions via the LIVE COACHING CALLS and FACEBOOK GROUP.  Seriously, it's like having your own private tutor on tap for less than half the price of a vending machine coffee everyday!


ALL THIS...and MUCH MORE...EVERY SINGLE month until YOU cancel!

v6FAM Calander.png


NEW Paint Pouring Lessons & extra content  EVERY month including a SIGNATURE TECHNIQUE I've never shared before ANYWHERE!



Once a month LIVE group Q & A sessions with Monique via Zoom  with recorded replays if you can't make it.



Useful & constructive feedback from Monique & other members



Monthly implementation challenges so you can practise what you've learned and improve your technique



Occasional SPECIAL GUEST tutorial videos from specially invited Fluid Artists;)!



Resources & presentations on related subjects like photographing your work, troubleshooting, mediums etc.



Of like-minded, supportive pourers at various levels.



To in-person 1:1 lessons, ONLINE 1:1 coaching & other courses



We'll get rid of  those pesky bugs! Members pouring frustrations, shared, discussed & solved!



Affordable MONTHLY payments with your own PAYMENT PORTAL so you can CANCEL your payments at any time.


WATCH...FREE Sample Lesson...SOUND ON;)



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