<<ONE Easy to Apply Technique which has the POWER to TRANSFORM your Art Sales - even if you've NEVER made any! >>

Are you:

an artist or maker working another job to make ends meet or practicing your art as a “side hustle” because you don’t believe you can ever make enough from what you LOVE to do to actually live on?

Standing on the side-lines watching helplessly while other artists seem to be selling their work so EASILY?

A “professional” artist who feels like an imposter because you don’t sell enough work to justify even an occasional meal out for you and your family?

Feeling like you're putting in loads of time and effort and just NOT achieving the results you want�

ArtEtypes come in all shapes and sizes, but generally artists and makers who AREN'T selling their work CONSISTENTLY share all of these things in common:


✅They don't know "WHERE TO START"

✅They lack confidence - in themselves AND their work

✅They have NO CONTROL over their creative businesses (if they even have one)

✅They're suffering from OVERWHELM

✅Justify not doing ANYTHING because they’re "bad" with Tech or don't have a website

I know all of this because that’s EXACTLY where I was 4 years ago, living in a cramped, 1-bed council house, struggling to cover the rent every month with ZERO contacts in the art world, no website and no Facebook profile – business OR personal.  I was also a self-taught artist with just ONE TERM of adult education classes in painting behind me, but it was at that point I decided to go “pro”. As you do 🤷

Hi, I'm Monique

Professional Artist

Qualified Educator

with 15+ Years Experience

Founder of ArtEtypes

The learning curve was steep but here are some of the things I've discovered so far on my creative business journey:

HOPE is NOT a marketing strategy!

When you have a CLEAR PICTURE of WHO YOU ARE AS AN ARTIST and WHAT YOUR WORK IS REALLY ALL ABOUT, you can target your marketing messages with PIN POINT ACCURACY.

You can LEARN to identify WHO your IDEAL CLIENTS are and HOW TO ATTRACT MORE OF THEM which RAPIDLY translates into SALES

Building your career from a SOLID FOUNDATION allows you to weather pretty much ANY CURVE BALL life may decide to chuck your way when you least expect it (I was recently diagnosed with Meniere Disease so I'm dealing with a curve ball myself right now).

However daunting the next part of the journey may seem, you KICK OVERWHELM INTO TOUCH by MAKING A START,  breaking everything down into BITE SIZE CHUNKS and TAKING ACTION

You DON'T need a website to begin with OR an email list.  You can differentiate between the tech stuff you absolutely DO need from the ones which can wait until later and then outsource the essentials at low/reasonable cost

A HUGE social media following isn't required (although an ENGAGED one most definitely IS and you can LEARN how to get that!)

It doesn't matter whether or not you have ever made a SALE before - because if you get the BASICS right SALES happen naturally.

Marketing something you make is very DIFFERENT from marketing other products and requires a number of different skills

Signing up with a coach or mentor right from the get-go would have saved me a LOT of  MONEY, energy, tears, angst, and FRUSTRATION in the long run! It's the ONE thing I would go back and change if I had to do it all over again!

Money I INVEST in training and developing my skills is NEVER wasted money.  I am an ASSET to my business and every business has to MAINTAIN THEIR ASSETS otherwise they won't stay in business for very long.


So - is it obvious yet?  I am NOT the same person (or the same artist I was 4 years ago). In January 2018 I DOUBLED all my prices and achieved record sales – averaging ONE ORIGINAL PAINTING SALE EVERY WEEK throughout the year. 90% of those sales left my studio directly so I didn’t have to pay any COMMISSIONS and I felt in control of my own business! 

During the first 2 months of 2019, I was shortlisted for the Creates Magazine Art Prize, was featured by ArtShareLove Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Most Extraordinary Artists to Follow in 2019” and designed an online version of my sell-out program “Marketing Your Creativity” originally delivered at a local gallery late last year (more on that in a bit). Oh and now I work out of my dream studio which is a stones throw from the detached 3 bedroom house I’ve been living in since January.👌


Well, I learned some lessons the hard way for sure.  That first year was incredibly tough (I think I sold a grand total of 5 paintings all year) and I lost count of the number of times I almost gave up (it must have been at least 30!) By the beginning of the 2nd year I figured out that I COULDN’T DO IT ON MY OWN and that was my biggest “ah-ha” moment. I was following more than a few successful artists on social media by this point and it became obvious that a number of them had either put themselves through high ticket programs around how to market/sell their work and/or were working directly with coaches and mentors who were SUPPORTING them through the minefield that is the art world and advise them on business matters.

The way forward suddenly became crystal clear however, my problem at that point was that I had so little money but it was make or break for me and effectively I had no choice. I cashed in my last savings “pot” and borrowed some from family and friends to put myself through my first specific art marketing program.  Literally, everything I had was being spent on training myself and learning the skills I needed to get where I wanted to be.

Since then, I have probably undertaken around 6 programs (2 of them very high-ticket) and I’ve worked directly with coaches/mentors.  Today, I work with at least one at any given time and let me share:


The high-ticket courses aren’t necessarily the “best” ones.  That's NOT because the coaches aren't experts in their fields or don't offer value for money or anything like that - but simply

ABSOLUTE TOP TIP: My best results have been achieved from working closely with people who are just a few steps ahead of me and I hear that echoed by other artists/small business owners ALL THE TIME.  Now if you're like me you'll need a few minutes to wrap your head around this one because it feels kinda counter-intuitive right?  Surely, it's better to save up and work with the "top" coach in any given field right?  Surprisingly perhaps the answer is NO!

Mentors who are just a few steps ahead REMEMBER and RELATE to where you are RIGHT NOW and are actually far better placed to STEER YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION and SHOW YOU THE WAY than someone who moved out of that particular neighbourhood years ago!!! 


For example: I know that if a coach is advising me to spend $2,000 to split-test my Facebook ads – that they’re NOT the right coach for me…just yet.  Sometimes, I’ve been half-way through a coaching program before I realise it’s too far advanced for where I’m at – but I never believe I’ve wasted my money.  That program is always there for me to go back to WHEN I am ready.

YOU need to be VERY clear on WHY you are doing the program and WHAT you expect to achieve from it 

You have to be prepared to IMPLEMENT the learning and if that learning doesn't reflect the IMMEDIATE FUTURE for you - the training won't have any meaning and you're unlikely to take the necessary ACTION to BUILD MOMENTUM to DRIVE YOUR CAREER/BUSINESS FORWARD

Is the ArtEtypes "Marketing Your Creativity – Making Money from What you Make Program" going to help YOU?

The FIRST modules in my “Marketing Your Creativity – Making Money from What you Make” program (the "ArtEtypes Arsenal") are AVAILABLE NOW and cover ALL THE BASICS you need to go from amateur to pro AND get off to a flying start! 




This program WON'T be right for every artist/maker so to help you make an informed decision.  The first 7 modules in the program which make up the ARTETYPES ARSENAL are RIGHT for you RIGHT NOW if:

You’re an amateur artist/maker who LACKS CONFIDENCE and aren't convinced you have what it takes to make a career from your art

You’re holding down another job – but you really want to make a go of making a living from what you love to do

You’re making a few sales but nowhere near enough to live off your earnings. 

You’ve made sales but there’s no CONSISTENCY i.e you have no idea how much you’re going to sell from one month to the next

You’re a professional artist but aren't sure you got the basics right and feel you need some guidance

You're prepared to undertake the learning and IMPLEMENT IT because you know, deep down, that NOTHING is going to change if you don't.

You just have NO IDEA where to start!

The program WON'T be right for you, right now if:

XYou don't presently have ANY work to SELL

XYou're already selling LOTS of your work on a REGULAR BASIS

XYou're looking for a GET-RICH QUICK Scheme

XYou're NOT willing to put in the necessary effort to ESTABLISH and GROW your creative business


XYou're content to try and work everything out on your own and RISK remaining EXACTLY where you've always been - while others TAKE ACTION and STEAM AHEAD

If you're thinking this ISN'T  the right time for a course or this isn’t the program for you, I’m going to ask you to be completely honest with yourself.  IS THAT THE TRUTH or are you simply procrastinating and putting your dreams on the back burner yet again?

Because - if you aren’t where you want to be in you ART CAREER or your SALES RIGHT NOW you'll be SO glad in 3 months time that you took action TODAY!


The TOP 3 reasons the ArtEtypes program is truly  a ONE-OF-A-KIND "NOT TO BE MISSED" opportunity for you to FINALLY start seeing results from your efforts:


👍Unlike premium priced programs, the course is available to buy as either INDIVIDUAL MODULES , in BUNDLES OF MODULES or as a FULL PROGRAM!


 👍If you ACT FAST, you can take advantage of a FREE MINI LESSON (and seriously, this alone is a GAME CHANGER when you get it right) and I'm making some SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFERS with some thought-provoking DISCOUNTS in a LIMITED QUANTITY.

👍Unlike most other programs which promise to HELP YOU SELL/SELL MORE OF YOUR WORK - I am offering a NO-RISK MONEY BACK 30 DAY GUARANTEE - IF you can evidence that you have TAKEN ACTION,  done the work and NOT SEEN ANY RESULT

I WANT  TO HELP YOU  SUCCEED and I genuinely don't believe I could make this any more of a "no-brainer" - but if you think of any - PLEASE hit me up with an email



WOW...what does a girl need to do? 🤣 Guess it's time to pull out the BIG GUNS!


This isn't the first incarnation of the ArtEtypes program.  The full course was delivered IN-PERSON to a small group of artists and makers in a gallery in 2018. 


Content was evaluated and feedback assessed:

  1. on an on-going basis,

  2. at the end of the program and

  3. again 3 months after the course ended and

  4. RESULTS measured after 6 months.


The program received rave reviews and my ex-students have already gone on to far greater things since completing their learning including:

Being shortlisted for not 1 but 2 NATIONAL PRIZES as the result of  FIRST 2 ENTRIES at competition level

Prints of work being SOLD in a NATIONAL upmarket chain of stores


Acceptance of work by first PHYSICAL GALLERIES approached after course completion

SALES of work as the result of SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS

Unconditional offer of places on Fine Art Degrees by 2 universities

11 original paintings SOLD during INSTALLATION & PREVIEW of a FIRST SOLO EXHIBITION and a mention from the BBC Arts Editor!

ALL of them said the course increased their confidence considerably and changed for the better how they view themselves AND their work. 


Obviously, I can't guarantee you will see the EXACT SAME RESULTS, every one of these students COMMITTED to INVESTING IN THEMSELVES, PUT IN THE WORK and TOOK ACTION on what they had learned.  


I'm ever so proud of all of them🤗

You can read what some of them have to say in their own words right here...



Gallery Owner & Artist - secretgallery.xyz

"Monique is not only a professional artist and qualified trainer herself but also a genuine expert regarding all things 'Art Marketing'. As a gallery owner I am contacted by artists on a daily basis; a professionalism in how the artist works makes all the difference in my decision around who I choose to exhibit. Having all the tools to hand; art statement and CV, professional website and high quality photographs of their work can be make or break for an artist. Monique's course covers everything an artist needs to make a successful career of their work, and she always goes the extra mile to support her students on their journey."



Artist - caseyart.co.uk

"Monique's course has been brilliant. It gives you all the things you need to have the confidence to get out and market your art to the world. I am now much better equipped to succeed. It has also had the knock on effect of making me want to create even more. I highly recommend this course to artists or other creatives. Since finishing less than 3 months ago, I've received unconditional offers of places on Fine Art Degree courses at 2 major universities and SOLD 6 paintings at the preview of my debut solo exhibition." 



"I have an MA in Marketing but the art market is quite unique so I booked some private coaching with Monique. She has gleaned jewels of advice from hard learnt experience and I am very grateful for her advice and expertise."



Encaustic Artist - artbyjanefoot.com

"I signed up for the program because I  felt the need to be take myself more seriously as an artist and gain the confidence to actually 'do it'.  The workshops made me concentrate on ME and what I need to focus on around my business.  I found all the information very relevant and reading back through the notes has helped give me direction I wouldn't have had otherwise. ..so valuable and insightful - feel very lucky to be a part of this.  I've got stepping stones for the future and it's exciting!"



A few years back I took the decision to strive to be a professional artist which is a very difficult thing, aside of trying to produce artwork, trying to understand how to market yourself without any prior knowledge is daunting. When I heard of Monique' s workshops I immediately thought they would  help. The beauty of how they are structured are that, you can select the modules to suit your needs or do the course in its entirety . In addition to the modules I selected, Monique also helped me on a 1 to 1 coaching basis with specific questions I had and she is very knowledgeable having taken the journey herself.  I would highly recommend working with Monique to any artist who is thinking of transitioning from amateur to pro or who is trying to get more sales.



3D Artist & Framer - sarahtrenchardart

"Wow...what an informational course by a generous passionate teacher.  My confidence has definitely grown. It's given me a structure to follow and the focus I need.  I had my first pieces shown in a gallery,  entered my first art competition and because of the course had all the information I needed and consequently have been short-listed for an Emerging Artist prize and a framing prize!"



Animal Portraiture - lindsayreidart.co.uk

"The course came at just the right time for me and I still refer to all the notes I took.  I wanted to feel more professional around my work and grow my sales and the program teaches you how to do exactly that.  Since finishing I have grown my social media following by around 85% and am now working towards an online shop.Thanks Monique. Your course has been excellent . It's just what I needed to steer me in the right direction  and I will thoroughly recommend it to other artists"



Artist  - sharonwhiteart

"What a brilliant course. I have come away with so many ideas to put into action. So, on with the 3-5 yr plan ... I am definitely going to dream BIG!!!  I hesitated about doing the program but I'm so chuffed I did.  It covered more than I ever expected I got HUGE amounts out of it and it was just brilliant!  I still refer back to the notes I took and am desperate to put everything I learnt into place.  For me, it was perfect. Thank you again Monique." 


So - the ONE technique I spoke about right at the start.  


I’m giving away a FREE MINI LESSON for a LIMITED TIME ONLY which was a GAME-CHANGER for me.  It’s unbelievably simple (hey, that’s WHY I call it “The Simple Pitch” but man, does this bad boy kick some serious behind – WHEN you get it right.

At its core, it’s the equivalent of an artists “Elevator Pitch” – and 4 years ago I didn’t even know some artists used them – but I’ve “elevated” (see what I did there?) the concept to the point where artists and makers can use this in a variety of situations - as a tool to reduce their stress levels whenever they get asked about their work by random strangers and to completely eradicate IMPOSTER SYNDROME!

///What do YOU say when someone you never met and who isn’t familiar with your art asks about your work?///

You have JUST 30 SECONDS to make an AWESOME first impression.

Do you...


a)   Spend 10 secs. of your valuable 30 opening and closing your mouth like a goldfish while mentally scrambling around for the right words to accurately articulate how awesome an artist you actually are...before blurting out a few sentences of fairly incomprehensible nonsense which leaves your listener dazed, confused and searching for the exit while YOU beat yourself up over the wasted opportunity the moment the exchange has ended


b)   Look them in the eye, smile and confidently deliver 2-3 JAW-DROPPING pre-prepared sentences, you have committed to memory whilst handing over your business card leaving your listener mentally going over the exchange long enough to check you out on the inter-web machine as soon as they get the chance?

If you're anything like I was just a few years ago - your answer will be A) - CRINGE-WORTHY isn't it?   So don't be like I was.  GRAB THIS OPPORTUNITY WHILE ITS STILL AVAILABLE and  – DIVE INTO THE LESSONS as soon as you can!  See you there �


I don't want to see the SPECIAL OFFERS just give me the FREE Mini Lesson already!