Contemporary Fluid Abstract Artist

Paint poured art, full of vibrancy, energy and movement.

Gwen P.

Collector - Wales

"As the owner of  7 of Monique's paintings, I think I'm seriously addicted!"

Rachel J.

Collector - England

"I'm lucky enough to own two Monique Oliver pieces and I love them. Every time I look at them I see something new from different angles and different lights. Monique is such a talented artist and she's going to go far ."

Jo & Stevie K.

Collectors - Scotland

"Monique creates beautiful, vibrant, evocative art. We loved visiting her studio: we felt really privileged to see the range of art she creates and learn about different techniques that she uses. We're lucky to have 2 brilliant pieces of Monique's work in our home."

Kate R.

Collector  -  England

"I was welcomed into Monique's studio, and ended up with 4 of her originals. It really helped to be able to take them home on approval for a few days, and try out different positions for them around the house... .I even had a hand in naming one of the pieces."

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